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This is a piece I wrote on Conor McGregor earlier this year in college. Still relevant now.

The Wire

They call him ‘Notorious’ for his brash combination of fighting and mic skills, but as Conor McGregor has climbed up the ranks of the UFC and the public consciousness, he has quickly become notorious for something else: being incredibly obnoxious.

This isn’t the first opinion piece to pick on McGregor’s personality in front of the cameras (and it most certainly won’t be the last). In his column in the Irish Independent following the Irishman’s most recent victory, Vincent Hogan explained why the mixed martial artist is not only letting himself down with his actions and words, but his compatriots too.

Once McGregor had delivered the all-important TKO to his opponent Denis Siver at UFC 183, thus guaranteeing him a title shot against featherweight champion Jose Aldo, he immediately jumped the cage to confront the unfazed Brazilian.

The number one contender then, with tricolour in hand, headed back into the octagon…

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